Where is the Love?                                          

where is the love - The Black Eyed Peas 

There is a lot of negativity, fear and hate going on right now. It can feel crippling. I watched this video when 'Black Eyed Peas' first re-released this song and i was completely moved. It inspired me to do my own part in spreading the message. 
This is a project to encourage people to look past the fear and hate and to focus on the love, compassion and strength we find within ourselves and each other.
Love is universal.
I will be posting weekly (to start with) a photo of a person and four questions i asked them about the subject 'love' 
If you would like to be involved in this project and would be happy for me to photograph and interview you for this project, please contact me. 
Details on where you can follow and find this will be updated shortly
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